The Scepticals

Colourful Beliefs

: Excerpts are taken from the Journal of disgraced Paleontologist Dr. Harley Cohen found amongst other items of interest

: These entries are taken from early March 1932

Rachel requested that she would like an evening of peace and quiet. By a fortunate coincidence, I had scheduled attendance that same evening to the Professor Rawlins estate. My studies into the migration habits of sauropods, in the early Triassic period, will have to wait. I believe this could hold some insights into my findings in the Outback.

Attendance was thin this week but most of our regulars were present. Mr. Keith O'Malley, the Irish native who served as a medic on the front lines of the Great War. Miss Iris Taylor, a local nurse who works at the nearby Durham Hospital and an acquaintance of Ms. Harris. Ms. Winifred Fairweather-Marsh of the famous Arkham Fairweather-Marshes and Mr. Samuel Matthias antiquarian and local store owner. Noted absence was local journalist Orville Black, usually a very vocal contributor in our discussions who was meant to chair a talk about aura's.

The session was cut short thanks to our absent friend and the Professor asked us to stay behind. He was concerned for our absent friend who had not called ahead to notify him of his absence. He asked us to do the neighborly thing and check in on him to put the professor and our minds at ease. We surmised that perhaps he was entertaining a lady or had come down with an illness with the change of weather at the onset of Spring. Ms. Fairweather-Marsh contacted the paper to see if his colleagues there had any information it turns out he had not been back to his desk in the last two days. A dark haired, pale woman who was due to be interviewed had turned up at the offices looking to speak to Mr Black but he never arrived. He was currently working on a story involving a new Christian Sect that had started up.

After some discussion, we decided to drive out to his house and have Mr. O'Malley check in on him. When Mr. O'Malley knocked upon his residence the door swung open he entered the premises and moments later he joined us back at the vehicle with some troubling news. Our good friend Orville seemingly nowhere to be found and some foul play indeed had occurred. Mr. O'Malley and Miss Taylor our two medical professionals went into the house to see what they could learn as me and Ms. Fairweather-Marsh waited at the doorway. On a scan of the ransacked dwelling, I noticed some incredibly defined fingerprints at the threshold of the doorway there seemed to be an unusual sticky substance left behind.

Mr. O'Malley and Miss Taylor joined us outside they'd discovered a great deal of blood in the bedroom as well as strange designs are drawn across Mr. Black's study. Miss Taylor had detected traces of Chloroform perhaps this was some abduction had taken place. At this juncture, Mr. O'Malley decided to summon the authorities and Ms. Fairweather-Marsh was most upset that she was advised not to enter the crime scene. Mr. Mathias was very insistent about something to do with insects I have some fossilized ones I think he may find quite fascinating. Before the police arrived Mr. O'Malley suggested I use my camera and document the scene we would at least have something to show the Professor. I took some photo's in the study were strange symbols had been marked on the walls. This room had been thoroughly turned over and some kind of lock box belonging to Mr. Black had been smashed up and its contents missing.

In the bedroom where the grisly scene was upon the bed, I continued my documentation with the camera trying to remain analytical. I spied a glinting object beneath the bed and removed it with an object to look at. A small silver pin depicting a tower, goblet, food item it was not one I ever remember Mr. Black wearing in our company. I took an image and>

returned it to whence it came. I was alerted by Mr. O'Malley's loud voice that the authorities were present so left the premises. One of the two detectives that arrived afterward was wearing the exact same pin on his lapel naturally curious I questioned the man at once on where he had obtained it. He was given it by his church and then he proceeded to ask me many questions I made sure to answer them as fully as possible.

Our business finished there, for the time being, we continued on to the Professors estate despite calling at such a late hour of the day we were invited in to reveal what we had discovered and enjoyed some liquor to calm our nerves. There was an eerie sense of calm about the whole affair but I feel we were merely remaining strong in the face of this worrying circumstance. We decided to return to our homes and gather for Brunch at the Fairweather-Marsh estate the following morning. Rachel had prepared the small bed down in my study and I set to developing my photographs and cataloging them for our gathering.

The following morning I joined my lovely wife for breakfast and enjoyed our routine conversation she had made plans so I set out to join the others for the specified time. Then I had that feeling again like in the Argentine jungle something wasn't right. A man was sat across the way with a newspaper his gaze fixated on my home I can't explain well but everything about the situation seemed at odds things did not make sense. I called my wife out to show her the suspicious man he got up from the bench and set off at a hurried pace. I walked after him to ask him some questions, he set off for a run, even more, suspicious dropping his newspaper in the process. I shouted after him before I pursued.

Clearly the large man needed to focus on his cardio. Whilst I got little out of the pale muscled man with the unusual eye's when he made his escape after providing satisfactory answers to my questions he grabbed my jacket leaving behind the same sticky substance on it as found on the door frame a clue!!! All that running had worked up an appetite so I went to report my findings to the group. Now, what colour were his eye’s again purple, green or both?


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